One You CIOS

Because there is only One You, it's important that You make the time for You. Small changes to your lifestyle can have a big impact. By moving more, drinking less, being smoke free and eating well, you'll see and feel a better you!


Move More
Eat Well
Drink Less
Be Smoke Free
Stress Less

Many adults can expect to live into their mid-80s, and many people believe gradual decline in physical and mental health is an inevitable part of ageing. Yet so much of how we age is down to lifestyle. And that represents a real opportunity for change.

It’s not easy being healthy these days –food and drink that’s not good for us is getting cheaper, portion sizes are getting bigger, and technology allows us to shop, stay in touch and be entertained for longer without ever leaving the sofa. The good news is, it’s never too late to make a positive change. In fact, having a healthy lifestyle in middle age can double our chances of being healthy at the age of 70 and beyond.