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Modern day life makes it easy to spend hours sat at our desks, in front of the TV or in our cars. Being a bit more active can have huge health benefits such as reducing the risk of strokes, type 2 diabetes and heart attacks. It can even improve your mood and mental health.


If you scored RED – If you’re doing less than an hour a week of physical activity to the point you feel out of breath, then how about making some small changes?

Try brisk walking for just 10 minutes, and try to do this 3 times a day. You’ll soon be feeling better and feeling the benefits of moving more. Remember that being active doesn’t mean being sporty.

Why not try the new Active 10 app, which helps you to track how much brisk walking you are doing.

If you scored AMBER – well done on already being active, we’re sure that you notice the benefits.

So how about you move it up to the next level? To hit a green score you’ll need to be active 5 times a week. If you do moderate activity then you need to aim for 150 minutes a week. If you do high intensity activity then you need to aim for 75 minutes a week.


If you scored GREEN – congratulations – you’re already meeting the Chief Medical Officer guidelines for physical activity, keep it up!

If you want some inspiration on new activities or sports to try then check out the Get Active Cornwall website. They provide useful tips and advice on how to get started and, without preaching, will also explain the benefits of being active and keeping fit. Amongst an assortment of innovative features, one of the most useful functions of the site is a searchable database of local activities, which will be possible to tailor specifically to your personal requirements – whether that be cost, location, time, fitness level, type of activity, age, gender, health condition.


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